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American Ace Plumbing installs and repairs traditional tank or tankless water heaters, and commercial boilers. A functioning water heater and hot water help protect the sanitation of your plumbing system

Water Heater Safety Tips:
If you have an electric water heater, you should be aware of the fact that regular maintenance is necessary to ensure costs stay low. Unfortunately, most people forget to check their electric water heater, and it’s typically too late by the time they realize it. Repairing one of these devices takes experience and talent, but that doesn’t mean things have to be costly and that you should put it off until the last minute.

A faulty water heater can lead to a number of different problems. Even if the unit is still functioning, it could be costing you more money than needed as parts begin to fail or function properly. In fact, you may be paying more on month to month over the course of the year to keep a faulty running than you would for a quick repair. The longer you wait to fix your unit, the more damage can be caused, leading to even more expensive repairs.

Unfortunately, there are a number of different companies out there that say they specialize in hot water heater repairs, but don’t have the technicians or experience to back it up. If you simply choose the company that is closest to you or is the cheapest, you run a very high risk of paying too much or having a poor job done on you water heater. This can be very costly when you have to call someone else in later to do the job right, and the time it takes can be lengthened as well.

Fischer Plumbing is a company that specializes in a variety of services, including electric water heater repairs. They understand how to properly fix and maintain an electric water heater so that costs and maintenance time is low. Their skilled technicians are able to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution that is quick and painless. When they work on a project for you, you can rest assured that it will be done right the first time.

People who own an office building also need to think about the last time they had their water heater worked on. While most people just think about the electric water heater at home, commercial buildings need just as much care as a standard building. Since more people rely on the water heater a breakdown can lead to just more than a costly project, but may keep an entire building from functioning properly and keeping those inside comfortable and happy.

If you need to have your electric water heater repaired, don’t just leave the job to anybody. There are other companies that cannot promise the same level of quality or cost-effectiveness. If you choose anyone else, you run the risk of paying for more repairs down the road. Contact Fischer Plumbing and have them get the job done right the first time for you.

Tankless Water Heater Concept & Benefits…
The tankless models are designed to conserve energy and water alike, and many people upgrade to a tankless model to save money and to promote a healthier environment. However, many home owners wonder if a tankless model is the right style of hot water heater for their home. American Ace Plumbing can assist with all of your hot water heater needs. Before you make the decision to buy a tankless model

How They Work

With a tank-style hot water heater, water is heated in a tank and stored until it is needed. When water is needed, cold water must pass through the pipes until the hot water fills the pipes. These models are deemed to waste energy because they keep water stored in the tank at a heated temperature even when there is no immediate demand for hot water in the home. Further, they are said to waste water because they require you to run the cold water through the pipes before you can enjoy hot water. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, do not store water. They heat water on demand, and this saves energy. Further, they are designed to heat water more quickly which results in water savings. You generally do not have to wait for the cold water to run through the pipes as you have to do with a storage water heater. Further, because water is heated as it passes through the tankless models, you will never run out of hot water. A downside, however, is that only so much hot water is produced at a time. If multiple sources are drawing from hot water, they may not all have ample hot water to use. In some homes, there may be a need to install two or even three tankless models.

Should You Buy One?

Before you purchase a tankless model, you should estimate your hot water demands and compare your demands against the output provided by a tankless model. Consider if your home will require two or more heaters to be installed in order to satisfy your needs for hot water. Also, analyze the estimated cost savings associated with using a tankless model against the estimated cost savings for a tank-style model. These steps can help you to determine the financial benefit you may enjoy by installing a tankless hot water heater. If you need assistance with this, American Ace Plumbing can help. Whether you decide to install a tankless model or a traditional, tank-style model, the professional assistance of a plumbing company is needed to remove your existing water heater and install a new one.

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Tankless water heaters
American Ace Plumbing offers the proper and professional installation of top of the industry grade tankless water heaters that will save you valuable energy, water, and money. A tankless water heater only heats water during use. Tankless water heaters can protect the sanitation of your home. Traditional tank water heaters store warm water in a dark, sealed tank which is the perfect environment for bacterial growth. A tankless water heater removes the storage tank where minerals and bacteria can collect.

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