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American Ace Plumbing is always looking to offer more value to clients through a wide range of services, from new installations to retrofitting, maintenance and repairs. We treat each call and visit as an opportunity to improve our clients’ comfort while cutting their energy costs.
Our experienced technicians and sales associates provide speedy, high quality work you can depend on. No matter your budget, we strive to provide customers with the options they need to feel good without breaking the bank.

Our full list of services includes:
Central cooling systems:
If you are looking for an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system for your home or business, a heat pump is an excellent option. Heat pumps operate just as a normal air conditioning unit in the summer, but in the winter a heat pump’s efficiency makes it a standout choice for your home. Unlike gas and oil furnaces, a heat pump does not burn a fuel to produce heat directly and unlike an electric furnace.

A heat pump operates like an air conditioner in reverse. Instead of pulling heat out of your home and blowing cool conditioned air back in, in the winter a heat pump will pull heat out of the air outside and pump it into your home.

Advantages of Heat Pump Installation:

There are several benefits to installing a heat pump in your home or business. They include:

Efficiency: heat pump is a very efficient way to heat and cool your home. With some of the highest energy prices in the nation and moderate winter temperatures, Southern California is an ideal location for heat pump installation.

Safety: unlike oil or natural gas furnaces, heat pumps do not use a combustible fuel to produce heat. This means there is no opportunity for gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Noise: heat pumps generally are placed outside and produce very little noise.

Air Comfort : heat pumps will warm your home or business without drying the air as much as fuel powered heating systems do. This can help prevent dry scratchy throats in the winter and ease symptoms of asthma.

Humidifiers and dehumidification systems:
American Ace Plumbing offer to install Humidifiers and dehumidifier.

If your house is located in High relative humidity(RH) region and wasting so much money for cooling your building ,installation of dehumidifier will help you to provide better comfort air quality and lower your cost.

In addition if you are living in cold region with low relative humidity and heater is always running to maintain desire temperature ,Installing humidifier help to achieve right humidity at desire heated temperature.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems:
Ductless heating and cooling systems, unlike traditional heating and cooling systems, require no duct work to deliver heated or cooled air to your home – instead, they deliver it directly into different zones in your home.

Ductless heating and cooling systems are a great replacement for old and inefficient baseboard electric heating systems or window air conditioners. They are also an excellent choice for heating or cooling home additions as they are a fraction of the cost of installing duct work and upgrading your HVAC system to handle the additional square footage.

If you are looking to install an efficient heating or cooling system contact American Ace Plumbingtoday. Our ductless heating and cooling technicians are fully trained and certified to install ductless heating and cooling systems.

How Do Ductless Systems Work?

Ductless systems are reversible, two way electrical heating and cooling systems that transfer heat between outdoor and indoor areas. In cold months, ductless heating systems collect heat from the air outside and deliver it inside the home. In warm months, the process is reversed – the ductless cooling system collects heat from inside the home, dumps it outside, and returns the conditioned air back into the home.

Advantages of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems:

Increased comfort: Ductless heating and cooling systems distribute warm and cool air to a home better than traditional heating and cooling systems – making living areas more comfortable. These systems can heat or cool large areas, so they are especially well suited to operating in homes with open floor plans.

Savings Money: Ductless heating and cooling systems are very efficient. Since they only cool the rooms in your home you want, you don’t waste money heating and cooling rooms you don’t use. Ductless systems can heat and cool your home for a fraction of the cost of traditional heating and cooling systems.

Easy, low-cost installation – Ductless systems allow you to install heating and air conditioning in your home easier than ever before. There are no ducts to install – meaning no walls or ceilings to tear out for installation. To install a ductless system, we simply mount indoor and outdoor units, hook up refrigerant lines, and make a few electrical connections. Installation typically takes only a day or two while traditional heating and cooling systems can take considerably longer to install.

Air Conditioning Repair
It’s hot outside and your air conditioner has failed. At some point, everyone experiences air conditioner failure and the discomfort that comes with it. If this sounds like your current situation, call American Ace Plumbing for air conditioner repair. With American Ace Plumbing you will experience fast response from our air conditioner repair technicians who will inspect and repair your air conditioner the first time.

Complete Air Conditioner Repair:

Having your air conditioner give out once is bad enough – but twice is frustrating and unacceptable. At American Ace Plumbing we ensure your air conditioner is fixed properly the first time – meaning you won’t have to call our HVAC repair technicians out to your house to fix your unit again. you get service which you can count on it for the rest of the cooling season.

Common Issues Requiring Air Conditioner Repair:

Frozen air conditioner coils: Frozen air conditioner coils are often caused by dirty air conditioner filters.However, this could be the result of another problem, like a refrigerant leak. Frozen air conditioner coils should be taken care of right away – failure to repair it could result in total system breakdown! An air conditioner repair technician from American Ace Plumbing can diagnose your system and correct it before more serious issues arise.

Your air conditioner is loud: All air conditioners make noise, but if you notice that your system is louder than normal, you may have problem with fan motor, fan belt, or wheel blade.

Your air conditioner is not cooling: Sometimes A/C units will simply stop producing enough cool air without any visible signs of damage. These problems can be a little more difficult to self-diagnose. If this is occurring, the best solution is to call an air conditioner repair technician immediately to identify the problem before more serious problem happens.

Your air conditioner is leaking water: if you notice that your air conditioner is leaking moisture into your house, call an air conditioning repair expert immediately. A leaky air conditioner means not only is your air conditioner broken, but it also exposes your home to a mold, and water damage threat. A technician from American Ace Plumbing can inspect your condensation pan or drainage pipes and clean or replace them if necessary.

If you are experiencing any of the issues above, call American Ace Plumbing. Our air conditioner repair experts will quickly discover and repair your air conditioner problems – restoring your home comfort as quickly as possible.

Heating System Repair
Furnaces are generally low maintenance, especially if they are relatively new and well maintained. Although having regular furnace maintenance should help prevent major problems from popping up unexpectedly.

If problem has happened to you, call American Ace Plumbing right away. Our furnace repair technicians can quickly diagnose and correct any issue that your furnace has. Whether you’re having problems with your pilot light or your blower fan isn't working, call American Ace Plumbing today.

When to Request San Diego Furnace Repair:

Your furnace isn’t producing heat : if your thermostat is set up properly, your pilot light could be burnt out if you have a gas furnace or you could have a tripped breaker or blown fuse if you have an electric furnace.

Your blower fan is running constantly: if your blower fan is running constantly, you may need to replace or repair the fan control switch on your furnace.

Your furnace is noisy: if your furnace is making a lot of noise while running, it could mean that your furnace needs to have its components inspected or your pilot needs to be adjusted.

Your pilot light is burnt out :If your furnace’s pilot light is burnt out, it needs to be relite. Although you can do this yourself, improperly lighting your pilot light can be a safety hazard, so we recommend calling for the assistance of our furnace repair experts.

These are just a few of the common problems that furnace owners sometimes encounter. If you are facing any of these issues or something else, contact American Ace Plumbing today for quick diagnoses and repair of your furnace.

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American Ace Plumbing offers 24/7 services. Our on-call technicians are ready to answer your call.

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American Ace Plumbing techs are certified to work on most major brand of equipment.

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