Drain Cleaning: The Dos and Don’ts

Drain cleaning is necessary to ensure the proper removal of watery waste from our home. Because our plumbing systems are used continuously, it is common for waste materials such as toothpaste, hair, grease, soap scum and other particles to clog the drains. These clogs can cause the water to come back up the kitchen sink or bathroom tub and can prove to be quite an inconvenience. There are a number of ways to clear up these blockages; some are great, whereas others just end up damaging our pipes.

In this blog, we inform you of the dos and don’ts of drain cleaning.

The Dos

Installing a drain or cap filter is perhaps the cheapest and most convenient method to prevent drain clogs. Installing a trap is easy and prevents larger waste substances such as food chunks and hair from going down the drain. When enough garbage is collected, simply take out the cap and throw the contents into a bin.

When it comes to your kitchen, make sure to always use the garbage disposal. A simple flip of the switch prevents the premature forming of rust and corrosion. Routine use keeps the parts moving and ensures your kitchen plumbing stays in optimum condition. It also allows you to remove the larger obstructions by hand.

The problems may also extend to areas beyond your home’s drainage lines i.e. the sewer lines. Such a situation requires professional help from qualified plumbers who proceed to jet out the blockage and clear up the system.

Finally, call in the professionals to snake your drains. Snaking is when a flexible steel pipe is inserted through your drains to push or pull out waste materials to clean the pipes and resume the flow of water. Some people resort to snaking the drainage pipes themselves which is never advisable because inexperienced people can cause the steel cable to snap which can not only damage the plumbing system but also leads to serious physical injuries.

The Don’ts

Don’t pour vinegar or hot water down the drain. This home remedy might help break down large substances and help with unblocking the pipe but at the same time can cause them to rust prematurely and increase the risk of breaking in the future.

Similarly, do not use acid cleaners. They are effective in grease and gunk removal but reduce the life of your drain pipes. These acids can also cause burns and injuries if not handled with care.

Remember to check up on your drains and keep an eye out for slow water and waste removal which can lead to large clogs if left ignored.

Proper drain cleaning is crucial in maintaining and prolonging the life of your plumbing systems. Getting your drainage pipes cleaned out by the professionals will save you on future repair and replacements costs. Contact us today for the best plumbing repair in San Diego!

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