5 Reasons for a Faucet Leak

The sound of dripping water coming from a leaking faucet is enough to drive anyone up the wall. Faucets are an integral part of our daily routine and keeping them in good condition won’t just allow you a peaceful night’s sleep, but also help drive down the water bills. Common reasons for a leaking faucet include a defective gasket, corrosion, mineral deposits, washers or o-rings and ignoring the problem for prolonged periods of time can result in costly plumbing repair anywhere up to $1,000.

Statistics reveal that water wastage due to household leaks is approximately 900 billion gallons annually. That’s nearly the amount of water needed by 11 million homes.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the common reasons for a faucet leak.

High Water Pressure

If water is dripping from your faucets only at certain times of the day or during certain activities, then perhaps the water pressure is set too high. This high pressure prevents the water from flowing away which causes it to seek out another point of exit which is usually the toilet overflow tank or another faucet. Such a problem doesn’t pose much of a risk (apart from spiking up the bills) and lowering your water pressure will solve the issue.

Damaged Parts

Damaged parts are the usual culprits when it comes to faucet leaks. A steady drip indicates that the washer inside the tap needs replacing. Compression faucets are likely to be damaged as the seals inside them are constantly under high pressure to keep the water flowing. Other types of faucets include drip, ball, and cartridge faucets all of which are washer-less so leaks in these particular types are indicative of damage to the O-rings, outlet or inlet seals.

Corrosion and Sediment Buildup

The buildup of sediment causes corrosion which then damages the valve seat or the faucet connections resulting in leaks. This can be avoided by routine cleaning of the valve seat.

Worn Out Cartridge

Like all things, cartridges get worn out due to extensive use and need to be replaced. Replacing is an easy task provided you have another cartridge of the same specifications so that it can fit easily. In case you don’t, take the old, worn-out cartridge to the original faucet dealership and get it replaced.

Broken Pipes

An unlikely cause can be broken fitting or pipes. Over time, cracks may develop which causes the water to leak out below the sink. If the cracks are causing issues with the water pressure, the faucet will drip are varying times. Such a problem needs to be looked at by a professional plumber.

A leaking faucet can cause you to waste roughly 526 gallons of water per year. Water preservation is a duty we owe to our society, country, and the coming generations. Our plumbing repair in San Diego offers reliable services that put an end to all the faucet leaks in your home, contact us today!

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