4 Tips to Prevent HVAC Damage While Renovating Your House

Finally getting started with that renovation project? Waiting to see the final look is exciting none-the-less. The whole renovation process can be extremely stressful, particularly if you are still living in the house. It’s a bittersweet feeling; on one hand you are looking forward to the upgrade while on the other hand, your home has turned into a construction site.

The HVAC system needs additional protection, especially during heavy renovation work. The debris, dirt, and contaminants can quickly turn into a problem for your HVAC system if you take precautionary measures beforehand.

In worst case scenarios, ignoring the HVAC system can turn into a costly mistake if your renovations involve extensive structural changes, that don’t match up with the present HVAC layout.

Here are some tips to protect your HVAC system from damage:

Have A Plan

When you plan your home renovation, show the plans to a professional HVAC technician. They are the best people to judge whether the plan will work or not. You need to take into account duct placement; will the ducts have to be moved? Or will altering your plans be the practical approach? These are aspects that need to be addressed before the work begins.

Cover The Vents

Dirt and debris from renovation activities can impact the furnace and cooling systems. You can protect your HVAC system by covering the vents and keeping them sealed. However, if you have the furnace running during the renovation, closing off too many vents might take a toll on the furnace. Be mindful of every step you take.

Take The Messy Work Outside

This is the only way to keep the dust and dirt to a minimum in your home. Ask the technicians to do the messier work outside. They get a lot more space to work outside and it will also work in your HVAC system’s favor. You won’t have to worry about cleaning out sawdust, grit, and other debris from your vents.

Get A Professional To Clean The Ducts

Your work doesn’t end with the renovation project. You need to book a professional to come in and clean the air ducts of your home as well as your HVAC system. Even if you had the vents covered and kept the windows closed, you will still find dust there.

Leaving the dust unattended for long means it would eventually find its way to your furnace. This buildup forces your heating system to work in overdrive which increases your energy bills.

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