3 Ways You Might Be Accidentally Clogging Your Drain Pipes

Drainage systems play a key role in helping the entire plumbing infrastructure of your home function smoothly. You only realize its importance when you end up dealing with a drain clog.

When the drains in your kitchen or bathroom tend to take more time to clear the water up, it’s most likely clogged. Here’s a lesser known fact, the ways in which you use your drain is one of the main reasons for the blockage.

Here are some of the things you need to stop doing in your home:

Giving Garbage Disposal Too Much To Handle

Garbage disposal systems are notorious for being hot spots from where most plumbing issues begin. Garbage disposals are essential parts of your kitchen and are there for your convenience. If they aren’t used in the manner they are supposed to, there can be many problems.

Garbage disposal systems take away the need to have a strainer in the kitchen sink. This doesn’t necessarily mean you throw in all sorts of leftovers and garbage, expecting the disposal system to work its magic.

Throwing in all sorts of waste can cause the blades on the system to jam. They can also lead to clogs in drain lines since the system is unable to break down the waste. To steer clear of clogged garbage disposals, never throw away melon rinds, egg shells, bones, and coffee grounds. Use the system for smaller and softer food scraps. Throw away the remaining unwanted food in a compost pile.

Disposing Off Most Of The Garbage In The Sink or Toilet

Even the smallest items can lead to sink clogs in your kitchen and bathroom. Your drains can handle water and human waste; they aren’t built to facilitate bulky or harder waste. Many people tend to flush diapers and sanitary items down the toilet, only to be surprised by clogs later.

No Drain Guards 

People with longer hair often struggle with drain clogs due to the fallen hair that tends to pile up over time. Investing in screens for your drain can be a lifesaver. These screens capture everything like hair, soap scum, and even keep your valuables, like fallen rings safe.

These screens need to be placed on all drains including but not limited to ones in the shower, bathtub, and the kitchen. While they might seem simple and cheap, they play one of the most important roles in keeping the frequency of drain clogs down to a minimum.

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